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Hi, welcome to the Gremlins testing family

Tap controlled survival game. Time well wasted. Gremlins, jetpacks and memes bruh. Classic arcade style keep up game. Mindless, amazing, super-stupendous amazing stuff happening over here. This project is still undergoing continuous work and development. It is currently being tested in beta and hosted on google play. When it is completed it will boast over 120 levels. These levels are taken from a cut-scene driven story mode, with an interesting, original and engaging plot, available with the release of the first production version. The player will have to meet set score goals in order to win and progress through the plot. The beta version has been released with 15 of these levels. There will also be "endless modes". There will be two modes modeled in this style; "Classic and Gremlin". The classic mode is Gremlinworxs take on "Flappy Bird" with a twist, adding the ability to go over and under the game obstacle. Gremlin mode will offer the greatest variety of memes but you'll have to split some of your hard-earned electron reserve to get there! Finally, there will also be an adventure mode, these levels will be showcased at a later date. Enjoy, updates and expansion's to come. As of right now the open beta is available in these countries: - all 149+ :) Beta Link:

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